8-A-Side is a new competition introduced by Bowls Qld. It comprises Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs and Mixed Fours (4 Women 4 Men) to make a side.

The event starts at Club level (knock-out or round-robin), progresses to District play-off (knock-out), then goes to Zone Play-off (knockout) and the winner goes onto State Final.

If a club doesn’t have enough for a competition they can nominate a Club Side to compete in the District Play-offs.

2024 District 8-A-Side

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2023 District 8-A-Side

Relevant Dates are:

District Entries close:      14th June.

Competition dates:           17th and 18th June.  Venue Chermside Bowls Club.

Zone/Group Play-offs:    10th September at Nambour

State Finals:                       11th and 12th November at Capalaba Sports Club

Please advise if your Club is interested or not interested in competing in this year’s competition.

  1. 2023 Conditions of Play
  2. 2023 Key District & Group-4 Dates
  3. 2023 District Draw
  4. 2023 BowlsLink Results Portal (Match Details, Results)


District 8-A-Side:-  Sunday 7th August & Sunday 14th August (if required) all day both days

Venue: Chermside Bowls Club.  Trial ends at 8:30am. Game 1 starts, 8:45am 21 ends (each discipline) or 3hr 45 mins.  Game 2 starts, 1:15pm  21 ends or 3hr 45 mins.

Group | Zone 8-A-Side:-  Sunday 18th September all day.

Venue: Windsor Bowls Club.  Trial ends at 8:30am. Game 1 starts at 8:45am, Team 1 vs Team 2, 21 ends (each discipline).  Winner of Game 1 vs Team 3. If no one has won 2 games then game 3 needs to be played. 

District 8-A-Side Results:-  Congratulations to Hamilton for winning the inaugural 2022 BDBA 8-A-Side competition on Sunday 14th August at the Windsor Bowls Club, Hamilton (73) defeated Chermside Chermside (33).  In the semi-finals, Hamilton defeated Ferny Grove, and Chermside defeated Windsor.

Group | Zone 8-A-Side Results:- Congratulation to Hamilton for winning the Group 4 | Zone 4 8-A-Side play-off an the Windsor Bowls Club yesterday. Brisbane (Hamilton) 66 defeated Sunshine Coast (Club Maroochy) 48. Moreton Bay did not participate. The team results were Ladies Pairs 27-11, Men’s Pairs 18-22, Mixed Fours 21-15.


The State 8 A-Side Finals will be held on Thursday 3 November and Friday 4 November 2022 at Club Tweed. BQ have established a new State-wide Interclub “State 8 A-Side ” which encompasses club sides of 4 women and 4 men contesting women’s pairs, men’s pairs and mixed fours disciplines. Live Streaming of both days on Bowls QLD website, Facebook and YouTube.

More Information: 2022 State 8 A-Side – Bowls Queensland (bowlsqld.org)